Welcome to 13Studios’ Project 

13 Studios is a Leaderproject through Aktion Österbotten and it is also financed by Svenska Kulturfonden. The aim of the project is to create a platform, so called cultural studios, where people can meet and be together regardless of cultural background. 13 studios will be a place for people to learn about each others cultures – through music, dance, food and language.

The project is created by the association Kpanlogo Yede. Kpanlogo Yede is a multicultural association with members from different backgrounds and nationalities. Our association aims to promote understanding, tolerance and togetherness through music and dance. Project manager is Francis Oyeyiola.

In each swedish-speaking municipality in Osthrobotnia.will be organized one dancing workshop and one music workshop. In Kristiinankaupunki, Korsnäs and Pietarsaari will apart from dancing and usic be organized an workshop with discussions between people of different cultures and a festival with multicultural music, dancing, food and togetherness.


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